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With his professional recording studio located in Ottawa, Canada, Jean offers his voiceover and emcee services to clients locally, nationally, and around the globe. 819-635-8712   |   j_bruyere@sympatico.ca Follow on Twitter Stay updated on Facebook Connect on Skype
“Top-quality voice over and on-screen presentations.” Steve Bryant, Right Mind Media
“Nice read, good energy. Just what we are looking for.” Talent Casting, Edge Factory
“We rely on Jean for fast turnaround — very pleased.” Michael Taylor Hicks, HyperActive Productions
“Absolutely responsive and professional. A pleasure!” Edwin Perez, Client
“Jean Bruyere is a total pro!” Jamie Banks, Affinity Productions
“Respect for deadlines — our go-to resource.” Steve Bryant, Right Mind Media
“Jean made the character come to life wonderfully.” David Shuster, Client
“Jean is a consummate professional — a total pro.” Michael Taylor Hicks, HyperActive Productions


Voiceover Demo Gallery


Male AND Female voice demos here!

Jean teams up with Nathalie, a female voice talent to offer you more options.

If your e-learning project needs a Male and a female voice talent you are at the right place. Your video project needs voice actors to offer synchronized recordings? Need a male and/or female voice talent for IVR? Need it in Canadian French and Canadian English? We do that too!

Listen to the samples of recent work from Jean and Nathalie.

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Jean's Demos







Nathalie's Demos






Voice on Video


Jean Bruyere is also the voice for synchronized videos.

Jean has the talent and tools to easily create the French Canadian audio version of any English video. From product demonstrations, testimonials, and training scenarios ; Jean offers a recording that matchs tone and pace of the original audio and video track. No added editing for you . Just drag and drop and all falls into place! And I have a female French Canadian voice that works with me that does that too!


French Canadian voice talent for e-learning


When you’re looking for the right voice to your e-learning project you need a voice that is engaging, friendly to make the learning experience enjoyable.

Jean has that voice. When Jean records, he focuses on the learner. Adapting his tone and pace to the target audience. From the corporate audience learning a new business process at American Express to factory workers learning safety measures at Maple leaf foods and even to first grade students learning school bus safety, Jean makes every learning experience engaging and fun.

Jean is one of the most sought after French Canadian male voiceover artists for e-learning.

He recently was bestowed the credential of MASTER VOICE PROFESSIONAL for demonstrated experience, knowledge, skills and recording capability to perform voice acting byt the voicebox1 team.


Jean does regular voice work for the wonderful team of Matinee in the UK. Check out their site: www.matinee.co.uk


Professional Voiceover Services


Education and E-Learning

Jean covers all aspects of e-learning. He’s the French Canadian voice for corporate training at Exxon, Walmart, The United Nations, Disney studios, Costco and Maple leaf foods. He’s also the voice behind fun and crazy characters that learn math and School bus safety to kids across North America. Need someone on camera to deliver the training? Jean is your French Canadian voice for all e-learning projects!

Synchronized audio to video

Jean is the French Canadian voice when comes the time to create a French audio track for any kind of video. Product presentations, TV commercials, Product testimonials, PSA’S or how-to videos; Jean delivers an audio track that synchs up perfectly with the video. He also does voice acting and lip synch for speeches or corporate videos.

Translation/adaptation of small to medium scripts

It’s creative writing that goes beyond translation. Jean adapts the original script into a french version that fits in the timing. Be it for a TV or radio spot or a training video. Jean does that.

Female French Canadian voice

A trustworthy, friendly voice for e-learning and product testimonials or presentations. Working alongside Jean for many years.


Client Feedback


As our clients' needs expanded to north of the border, we lacked the understanding necessary to version our projects for the Canadian market in general, and the French Canadian market in particular.  Jean was not only able to review our English content and adapt it to French Canadian, he also provided top-quality voice over and on-screen presentations that have been universally praised by a client base that was initially skeptical of our ability to tailor a message to their target audience.

Jean is also able to handle a wide variety of projects by pulling from his extensive network of quality Canadian production and talent resources. In addition, his respect for deadlines and budgets has made him our go-to resource for Canada.

Steve Bryant | Right Mind Media

GREAT work, Jean! You're a true voice talent. Thank you for all of your hard work - you take direction very well and your voice is amazing. We hope to work with you again soon! 5+ star.

Katie Weed | Client

 Incredible work and amazing attention to detail. A+++++

James Tackett | Client

Nice read, good energy. Just what we are looking for.

Edgefactory | Talent Casting

Great work, Jean! You are very professional to work with, and your voice sounds fantastic! Keep it up - we look forward to working with you again!

Ashleigh Kirby | Client

Jean is really quick easy to work with.

David Shuster | Client

Great job and quick turnaround. Jean made the character come to life wonderfully.

David Shuster | Client

We have worked almost exclusively with Jean Bruyere for over fifteen years, and he has become a very important asset of HyperActive’s offering. Jean can do both traditional and character reads with ease, and has the gift of consistency, which is a crucial advantage. Jean can do updates to voice work that can be several years old, and it always cuts beautifully, because he is also a talented audio engineer with exacting quality standards. We rely on Jean for fast turnaround, and have also been very pleased when he has had to edit copy “on the fly”, often in studio with demanding clients in the control room. 

Jean is a consummate professional. 

Michael Taylor Hicks | HyperActive Productions

Jean was awesome - with a tight deadline and changing parameters, he gave me a great read and on a moment's notice. Best of all, the reads sounded great!

Adam Caplan | Client

Great work Jean! This was an undertaking, to match the voice of what the client wanted! You did it, so professional as well, I look forward to working together again! Pleasure to work with you!

Melissa Kelman | Client

Great job on this project! you are very professional and a great voice talent. I cannot wait to work with you again soon.

Edgar Debenham | Client

Excellent work Jean! Thank you very much. Jean was very fast in his turnaround. His recording is clean. His voicing excellent. He is accomodating and helpful. His communication with me, the client, absolutely responsive and professional. It was such a quick and smooth process. A pleasure!

Edwin Perez | Client


For inqueries and booking


To fully understand your project and serve you better, please include the following details in your email:

▪   Your project’s length in minutes
▪   Where it will be heard
    i.e. web, internal presentation, DVD, trade show, TV, radio, etc.

Does your project need synchronized audio to film?

Then, fill in the form to the righthand. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

If you’d like to send the text or video file as an attachment simply include it in an email to: j_bruyere@sympatico.ca

I can record and deliver within 24 hours in the audio format of your choice.


Featured clients include   |   Cirque du Soleil Walt Disney Studios Acura American Express Bayer Canadian Space Agency ASC Canon Canadian Museum of Nature Costco General Dynamics Hilton Home Depot Jack Daniels KitchenAid LG electronics Mitsubishi AOL Ford Mazda Nissan Toyota Microsoft Midas Nikon Panasonic Sony TD Bank THULE TORO United Nations Walmart

Cirque du Soleil Walt Disney Studios Acura Alberta Allergan American Express Ardent Mills Bayer CropScience BMO Bombardier Canadian Tire Canadian Space Agency ASC Canon CFL CIBC Canadian Museum of Nature Colgate-Palmolive Company Costco Electrolux Evinrude Five Guys Burger Frigidaire General Dynamics GFS Hilton Home Depot Jack Daniels Kimberley-Clark KitchenAid LG electronics Life Saving Society Mitsubishi RDS2 AOL Forces CND Ford Mazda Nissan Toyota Maple Leaf Medicare Microsoft Midas Milwaukee Moen Monroe Napoleon Nav Canada Nikon Panasonic Polaris Postes Canada Quality Steel Sheds RCMP Rogers Wireless Saint-Gobain Scotts Skills Competences Canada Sony Sun Life Financial TD Bank THULE Sweden Tim Hortons TORO Trivago United Nations Visalus Sciences Walmart